Leopard Print and Roll necks


Hi everyone! I made the transition from moving out of my London pad back to the family home in Somerset on Thursday (financial reasons - planning on using these few months of no rent to save up for trips abroad so far!).

I don't have to travel back to London for my lessons at uni this week because it's Easter. Hope you all had a great Easter Sunday. As for the chocolate egg tradition, usually I would get loads of easter eggs but people must have realised I'm watching my weight as i only received one this year! One is enough really, I am the biggest "chocoholic" ever.  

Hope you enjoy todays outfit! Underneath my roll neck jumper I wore this little Strappy Seam Crop Top from Topshop, totally gone braless today. Slight mess up in London, half the stuff I had to leave at my sisters place and pick up later consisted of most of my black/strapless bras so whatever I'm au natural ;).

Everything else I'm wearing is from Whistles, apart from my Rocket Originals shoes.
Because I worked for Whistles recently, I really accumulated a wardrobe full of Whistles clothing, which I'm not moaning about because the brand is great and they really nail chic for the modern city woman.

Unfortunately my skirt is AW/13 and came out just before the Christmas break so you might have a hard time finding it in store as they have very limited stock. The good news is, there are similar styles of skirts like this they keep bringing out, and you can find it for around £95.00.

My silk roll neck, you will be pleased to know has gone down in the sale to £45.00. 

My metallic bag/cluch is also Whistles, but the rose/gold is sold out. However, the Rivington Chain Clutch can be found in multiple different colours in store, for example this lovely bright orange

Stay foxy! 

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