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Hi everyone! Today myself and my family went to Toucan Wholefoods for lunch. I love this place for one because it's right by the seaside, and secondly I can order anything off the menu and enjoy it without the worry of being brought meat by accident, as it is fully vegetarian!
I may not have mentioned it before, but I have stuck to a vegetarian diet since I was 6 years old.
It was a conscious decision I made because I didn't really like meat in the first place and it wasn't for me.
To go to a café that has interesting and tasty recipes with 100 % natural ingredients was a real gem for me, and even meat eaters would enjoy the quaint atmosphere and delicious food.
I am used to going to restaurants that don't cater enough for vegetarian dietry requirements so it was a refreshing change!

Carrot, Beetroot, Cucumber & Celery juice.

My shake was slightly less sweet than my Mum's melon shake, but it still had enough natural sugars from the carrots for it to be sweet enough as an enjoyable daytime drink. I also found because of its' raw vegetable content it actually filled me up and I didn't want to eat as much as I would usually.
 These juices are a great idea to get your 5 a day in one drink and also a cleanse for your body.

One of my favourite Blogger & Vloggers, Beauty Crush, tried the full fruit juice cleanse from FruJu and really enjoyed it, but she did also mention she did get quite hungry on just juice (as you can imagine).
I can certainly see why they are filling and satisfying juices as the texture is fairly thick, but it was nice to balance it with a salad.
 I would love to try the full juice cleanse to see how it agreed with my body also!

Vegetable flan, (they have 3 different options of flan and all 3 were lovely! We all had a different one and this one was the mixed veg, there was also one with leeks and ricotta which I tried). It was served with a lovely side salad which had fresh beetroot, cabbage, carrots, celery, watercress, rocket leaves and various other plant-goodness. 

Although I was full after this meal, it felt good to have no fried carbs on the side and I felt refreshed! I highly recommend this organic vegetarian café if you are visiting the South Coast!
Stay Foxy!

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