Shooting for Jitterbox


Hi everyone! Just an update here really - I shot a test for my retro/mid century modern unisex fanzine Jitterbox yesterday.
I have already completed the women's editorial so yesterday was all about the men!

If you follow me on Twitter you will know I've been posting non-stop on my personal and work accounts looking for male models, photographers, barbers and reproduction clothing designers to step forward, as myself and the fashion stylist had a major disaster with the original photographer pulling out just two hours before we were due to shoot on Sunday.
Naturally, I was distressed, having spent two weeks of precious final deadline time working on Jitterbox and planning this photo-shoot with a top photographer, only to find the stack of cards topple at the last moment.
Although fashion looks and sounds glamorous with all these photo-shoots and good looking people - I assure you it can be very much the opposite when something goes wrong and it's out of your control.
Tight deadlines, no sleep & crashing on my sisters sofa for 5 days flat because of the cancellation and having to hang around in the city
until our shoot was completed..
I was very, very tired at this point.
So everything had turned bad - and then suddenly my working head went on again and I found a photographer, approached him professionally and it clicked back into place, and I was a happy editor once again!

We shot a with a great agency model who has a very bright future ahead of him, and the shoot was a success. I have just received all of the thumbnail shots now so I will be editing this magazine for the rest of the week.
Looking forward to sharing this project with you guys and also developing myself as a blogger in the next few upcoming months!
I will release all credits when the issue goes live! Check my instagram for behind the scenes!
Stay Foxy,

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