Pin Curls & Gingham


Hi everyone! It's sooo super sunny today. I had my hair done yesterday, I've decided to give it a rest from bleaching and although I'm not completely happy with the colour it is at the moment, a dark gold blonde, it's ok for now. I think I'll have a few highlights the next time I see my hairdresser just so it frames my face more. I was going for more of the Victoria's Secret's sort of gold blondes but it's ended up quite one-tone. I think I need more than one sitting. However it was about three different colours, bleached to death and big roots before so major kudos to my amazing hairdresser for sorting that out!!!!!

Here is my look for the day. It's lovely and sunny by the coast today so I'm squinting away here, but I'm really enjoying this blue faux leather skirt from Zara with my gingham bralet at the moment.

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