Why I rekindled my romance with Zara


It's not like I ever fell out shopping with Zara, I just stopped shopping there. The stock wasn't enticing me in anymore. That is until this sunshine yellow coat caught my eye on the mannequins today, and I entered to find the most wonderful array of pastel coats, even better, pastels mixed with tweeds!
There was so much yellow in store, I feared i'd turned into a sunflower by the end of it - but I LOVED it. Zara's new collection is a must-see. Expect cute little pockets, zip detailing and lots of pleather skirts, Barbie-eque shoes and oversized costume neck-wear.

 Here are my top 3 light Zara jackets for this season.

3. Jacquard coat with pockets (this looks much prettier on, and a great length!) - £89.99

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