Update: Why I'm leaving London, dreams and aspirations


I am fighting my desires and aspirations currently, which is actually just leading me round in circles but a girl gotta have dreams!

I had a bit of a bombshell hit me a few weeks back, with my landlord issuing me a months notice to move out all of my belongings (and my other housemates too, and no reason for doing so!), I am still in the final stages of finishing my degree, so to have to move out right now is really the last thing I need.

The plan is to move to my parents house in Somerset and commute once a week to London for my lessons, which sounds completely mad, however it's actually cheaper to do this than pay rent here.
However, I've had to quit my retail job at Whistles because of this change.
Whistles was great fun and I've gained a lovely expensive wardrobe from it too, so I'm sad to be leaving my girls there. Oh, and i'm sad to part from the staff discount!

I'm also looking forward to spending some time by the seaside, developing my blog which I recently started re-branding, hence the new name and logo, and finishing my vintage magazine which is launching in the summer. After uni I've got vivid dreams of starting my own Etsy shop whilst blogging and working part time to earn enough money to get me a nice little car! Then I will consider where I want to go with my fashion career.

It's really hard making all these life-decisions at once, but i'm 22 soon and I want to find my feet!
I don't really have one place in the UK I feel stuck to now, as my family have moved house across the country and I moved to London three years ago for university, so my life has just been about commuting all over the place for years now to see the people who matter to me the most!

London as the capital city obviously has its perks - but from a first hand experience of living here for a couple of years, I would actually prefer to commute in for business only. Living in London is a whole different kettle of fish to visiting for a fun shopping/partying weekend with friends.
My biggest complaint with the city is the sky-high rent (even on the outskirts, which is where I am at the moment - and let me tell you - this outskirts place is very dull, full of main roads and not much life around).
I guess it's hard to find myself creatively in this polluted, overcrowded environment.

So the point is, in my opinion it's a good thing I'm getting kicked out my pad in London, because I'm ready for a new place again, although living with my parents for a couple of months once I find my feet financially will feel like a huge step back. I know personally i'm not going to be living with them and cramping their style for too long as I have lots of dreams to fulfill and I need my own studio space and head space.
Even if I don't make it back to London by the end of this year, i'll find something that works. I'm not gonna bother stressing over it anymore than that, i'm feeling positive and optimistic of what is to come!

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