Healthy vegitarian diet meal plan for weight Loss - Day 1


Hello everyone! I have something a little different for you today!
It suddenly occurred to me I should track my meal plans and maybe this would spur me on to continue the healthy eating diet I started just a couple of days ago.

So far I have managed to keep my body to 1000 - 1250 calories a day. Women are usually allowed 2000 calories so I am really cutting back and basically chopping the sugary snacks out of my system. I have a wicked sweet tooth and I don't think about what I eat, which is why my weight fluctuates so much. In the past 3 months I have gone from a size 12, shrunk down to an 8 with what I call 'The Heartbreak Diet' (Yes, I eat probably half of what I was given for almost 3 weeks without even trying to lose weight. Being upset got me skinny..), and then after that I settled back to my steady size 10 and at 8.5 stone. This is fine for me, but right now I am looking at targeting the problem areas of my body. I am 5'4, curvy, reasonably sized bust and hips so I curve inwards towards the waist. However, I have always had a problem with what I call 'the pouch'. When I stand to the side my lower tummy curves outwards and when I put on a considerable amount of weight this is where it rolls if I sit down.
Right now it isn't a roll, it's the standard 'pouch', but it has never been near to being a flat tummy.
This pains me that I have so many friends who have never exercised, never dieted, and they do not suffer with the 'pouch'. This is just where my body stores the fat, on my tummy, my hips, and my thighs. I want to lose a little bit of weight combined with abdominal and leg exercises to tone these problem areas of mine once and for all! (Until the biscuit tin comes calling again, anyway).


I was a little naughty here. I had a small croissant with butter and strawberry jam which I will class as my 'treat' of the day. 
Calories: 127
(For only 127 cals so I'm not feeling too guilty about this.)


Yes I look like a rabbit.. but this was tasty and healthy too which is a win-win for me.

Cous-Cous with orange peppers, diced cucumber and peanuts.
Carrot sticks for dipping
Humous ( I didn't eat all of that humous. Probably about a table spoon or so)

320 cal
Green Tea - The green tea diet has fantastic reviews. Just drink at least 3 cups of tea by itself and expect to feel the benefits in your health and weight loss! I swear by this stuff.

4 cals per cup

Cadbury Brunch bar
 150 cals


A small portion of homemade vegetarian Moussaka served with green beans.
300 calories

Total Calorie Count: 909
See the tutorial on my vegetarian Moussaka in my next blog post. It was yummy!

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