10 positivity tips and tricks


For this post I thought I'd share with you some little tips on how I stay positive.

I'll openly admit to the internet I have struggled since I was about 19 with depression and anxiety, but I've learnt so many ways to handle my struggles and become a stronger person along the road.

Here's my 10 top tips on how to tackle anxiety and stay positive within yourself

1. Surround yourself with positive people
This may seem hard, but anyone in your life that is causing a negative impact on your life must be put to the back of the cards. I'm not saying you shouldn't be there for someone when they are in need, that is much different. I'm talking about negative people who somehow make you miserable, but you think they are friends or a boyfriend, maybe. There is no need for a fallout, but distance will make you stronger and you will realise they were sucking the life from you.

2. Breathe and take time for yourself
Alone time is so super important. I really cherish my own company, relaxing or browsing the internet. I like fiddling around with guitars I'm no good at playing, and I like to draw. These things make me feel at home in myself. If particularly anxious, I find traditional breathing techniques, yoga and meditation help me to find a sense of calm.

3. Keep a notebook/diary
One thing that gets me through is writing down goals I would like to achieve. These aren't goals to go bungee-jumping by the time I'm 25, or to have kids by the time I'm 28. These are small steps that I'd like to take during the next year. I find that drawing yourself as you think you are now, and drawing who you want to become or who you think you will be in 2 years time is a really healthy exercise, one that I did in Tanzania and funnily enough the person I thought I was; a busy PR lady, didn't like that life much or the people in it. The other person I drew liked wellbeing, yoga, learning instruments and the other person wanted to work in another industry. That other person was truly me, and now I'm working towards small goals to continue in a new (but comfortable) direction.

4. Learn to say no
It's great to be an enthusiastic yes person, but when you are tired and need some time to breathe, it's ok not to attend every social event on the calendar, even if your friends try to make you feel guilty about it.

5. Keep your loved ones close
Let your loved ones know how appreciated they are. They will always be the people you turn to when things get rough, and they are always there to have your back. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how lucky we are in life to have someone who truly cares.

6. Get creative!
Whether it's cooking, photography, painting, sculpture or even rearranging the house - doing something creative and fun will only bring joy.

7. Have a clear-out.
It's important to de-clutter the house in order to de-clutter the mind. I like just enough clutter/objects that my home feels cosy; but never things I don't need. All those old bills, papers and magazines on the side - be brutal and get rid of them. Old underwear, old socks - bin them. Clothes - bag them up and take them to the charity shop if you haven't worn them in years. Creating space in your home also creates space in your mind and instantly makes us feel on top of things, more organised and ready to take on the next day.

8. Get enough rest and sleep
This is so important! Aim for 7-8 hours sleep a night to feel fully functional. If you're a light, disturbed sleeper like me, take a herbal supplement or night time tea an hour before you head to bed to help you to drift off.

9. Try to exercise once a week
Exercising is hard when you're feeling negative, but not only does excersise make you feel great afterwards, it also gives focus to your life. Focus on eating clean and really nurturing your body. Don't give into temptation and binge on pizzas and fizzy drinks, these will make you feel terribly sluggish.

10. Listen to music
I love soft acoustic folk vibes when I'm feeling low. I like listening to Fleet Foxes, in particular. Put on music which gives you a little lift, particularly in the mornings when you are gearing up to face the day.

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