Basket bikes and Feeling chic in Bristol


Say hello to feeling chic in Bristol and my new basket bike, Betty

I am totally happy and pleased I made the decision to move to Bristol!
After leaving London 'temporarily' after University, the plan was to intern, get hired and move back. I did intern, I didn't get hired at that particular agency because they didn't have a junior position available at the time. I did however have the opportunity to stay on or do some work for them again in the future, but I was at the end of my tether with sofa surfing and I was running out of money fast. 
So I packed up and moved back to Somerset to focus on applying for full time jobs.
The whole time I lived in London ( a whole 3 years..) all I thought about was how little money I had, spending OVER DOUBLE the amount I pay now on rent. I also had a strange feeling of being anonymous in my own city, which I put down to such an influx of people and a crowded tourism industry that sometimes makes you forget who you are and you get lost in the midst of the bustle - and no job is worth having an identity crisis over!
So the identity crisis ended as I moved to Somerset for a few months and then, when I could afford to, I took the plunge to live somewhere new! Bristol is only an hour away from my parents and friends in Somerset and a large chunk of my extended family live here!
So now I'm feeling settled, making friends, working freelance in marketing and building on existing family relationships, I really want to make the effort to blog again, and work on my hobbies - I'm so excited to finally start to learn Lindy Hop on Thursday, something I have aimed to get done for about 2 years! Gosh, time does fly.
I have even bought my dream basket bike and called it Betty, a Pinnacle Californium, which I am now almost crying over seeing as it's gone in the sale.. sods law. I absolutely love it though and she was worth every penny. 
basket bike, midcentury style
My new basket bike, Betty
I figured if you are going to have a basket bike, you have to cycle in style too.
I found a new blog called CycleChic which helped me to find an awesome 'fashionable' ladies helmet. I am loving these Bern helmets, mixing practicality with a great adjusting wheel at the back and air vents with an attractive shell with front rim, so that pesky low winter sun doesn't get in my eyes so much!
Bern Lenox ladies helmet in Cranberry
I hope to get some pictures with my new basket bike soon, and I shall be updating you with an outfit post shortly!
See you soon,
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