Sofa Surfing! Silly ole me.


You may have noticed my withdrawal from blogging - once again I am sofa surfing although this time I technically have a bed.

I have made the decision to permanently leave London. It just wasn't for me at all and it was making me completely unhappy.

I moved back to Somerset after finishing another internship, focussing on my career in PR/Marketing and passion for the creative industries. I have to admit, the aftermath from the recession means there are little jobs for the amount of people applying and I have struggled in finding something.

I do have a job at the moment so all is not bad, and I am trying to find a house share in Bristol too.

The hunt for a home is a funny one, filled with uncertainty, but I am fully confident I should land something at least by next week (touch wood), and then I can really begin to start work on my blogging and get my life in order too.

Wish me luck!

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