Changing my pin up name and going blonde!


So a few of my die hard followers will have already moved onto my new page, but if you haven't done already - here is the link!

I decided my look has really developed since I started pin up and I wanted a name that I felt represented me as a classic cheesecake pin up lover. Ava Winters I felt suited my new short bouncy blonde hair and my photos which are mostly inspired by American pin up artwork by Elvgren, Ekman, Driben and Vargas to name a few.

Illustration by Peter Driben

Illustration by Harry Ekman

My favourite pin ups of all time also came into consideration, such as our British beauty Diana Dors in particular convincing me to finally take the step to go platinum!

Diana Dors
Even Debbie Harry or 'Blondie' as she is commonly referred to influenced this decision, being one of my all time favourite icons.

Of course I had to go through the spectrum from black to blonde which many hairdressers turned me away, as they were too scared in case my hair couldn't take it. However my hair was in such good, strong condition it did! And it feels like it has finally recovered a little.

Golden / Yellow Blonde
Light, ice blonde

As you can see from the photos it was very much a yellow blonde shade to start with, and copious amounts of purple shampoo and toner have finally sent my hair a pretty icy ash blonde now. It will take a while for me to be finally happy with it but i'm enjoying having a new hair colour and look!

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