The woes of being a 20-something in 2015


I don't usually write these personal posts on here much, but getting ready for travelling in Tanzania has made me ponder what I'm going to do with my life when I get back to the UK. I know I shouldn't think about it too much, because I realise travelling could completely change my opinion about where I want my career to go, but I'm really seriously looking into head office retail. When I graduated I was so dead set on PR I did everything I could to try and break into the industry. Living out of a suitcase and couch surfing to be an intern is certainly not glamorous!
After countless second interviews and false hope of a job which paid barely enough to cover London rent and feed myself, I needed a break.
I took temporary jobs to pay my way here and figure out what I wanted to do, I made friends here and I went through the start and the end of another serious relationship; I realised I needed some time away from working altogether and applied to be an overseas volunteer with Raleigh, which is something I was too shy to do when I came straight out of university. I also decided if I'm serious about getting a 9am-5pm job again on return, then I need a few months to focus on real life, away from business, worries of money to simply clear my head of the stresses life brings being a single 20-something and trying to support yourself in this expensive country!

It's not that I haven't enjoyed some of the jobs I have been at whilst in Bristol, it has been eye opening and each position has given me new skills. I love this city, and I really wish some lovely big company would welcome me in when I get back... I'd like to be in Fashion buying or in commercial Marketing within fashion or Wellbeing, Health or Beauty industries. If I can stay in the South West I'll be happiest, but if it means heading back to London then fair play, I know what it's like not to be there 24/7!

What I'm trying to say is... I'm looking forward to Tanzania really although the woes of home are still haunting me up to the moment I leave. But when I'm gone I'm not going to be franticly looking for jobs in this-that-and-the-other. I'm actually incredibly excited to try something NEW!

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