Material items I'm enjoying right now


Material items i'm enjoying right now

I am really loving Swedish Hasbeen shoes, the ASOS coat & jackets sale, Vivien of Holloway pocket shorts and these wonderful printed trousers by Motel Rocks.

As for what I've been up to - I've not had much time to blog recently, due to leaving my role at the reception desk and getting back on track to my dream career in PR. I moved back to the big city that London is last week which was a huge contrast going from living in Somerset for a few months - where I had the best time I may add, met some great people and partied hard and worked even harder!
Right now I'm currently interning again.
I have started working on some really exciting press coverage which I wish I could spill the beans about but I can't for our clients privacy reasons really! The main thing is I'm part of one of the biggest festivals in design this year and that makes me a very happy person, even if I am literally at the bottom of the career ladder - I do intend to climb it, even if there is a hell of a lot of competition!

I have been house hunting as well, as staying on your sisters couch isn't always the best thing but girl got to do what she gotta do when getting a job these days. I've already viewed a few places but there's a distinct lack of places up to let at the moment, unless you wanna live with a weirdo, then there is loads ha!

Anyway take care - stay happy and healthy people!

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