Forces Sweethearts with SSAFA in Kent


Last week on Sunday 12th Nov, I did the star wars set with Pinupzania and Ian Mears and then headed off to Kent with Dakota and Tally where Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association (SSAFA) Forces Help were waiting for us.
They took us out for dinner which was lovely and then we headed off to the hotel to sleep for a few hours. Then at 5am I was back out of bed again, compete with pincurls I had slept on to my head!
At 6:45 am we headed off to the petrol pumps of Clacket Lane Services where we spread the word about SSAFA and how much the charity can help ex-forces members!
We did loads of photos that day. The army troops stopping off for a coffee had photos with us which was great fun.
I woke in the morning to find a lot of things already online from the shoot:

It was a great day out and the charity really looks after its' models. I love doing things for a good cause and spreading awareness so I hope to do another event like this soon!

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